Four reasons why vegan restaurants should not scare you


Veggie Grill’s Buffalo wings, vegan ranch dressing and celery sticks. Photo taken by me.

1. Yes, there is food that you will actually want.

At first sight, vegan cuisine can be intimidating. You look at the menu and see photographs of what appears to be meat and yet it is not meat at all.

However, take a closer look. There is usually an “about” section of the menu that explains the food. If not, there are nutrition facts, for example dairy free, antibiotic free and hormone free. You will not be disappointed.

Tuesday night I visited Veggie Grill in Pasadena, California. I am no stranger to their delectable carrot cake, and I have indulged in their crab-free crab cake. So, as a new vegan I decided to try their Buffalo wings, and let me tell you – there is nothing to be afraid of.

2. Everyone loves food.

If you enjoy spicy foods or just want to go all out and try something new, I recommend the Buffalo wings.

At Veggie Grill, my friend Maria ordered crab cake while I ordered the wings.

At first bite I automatically thought to myself, “These wings are too good not to share.” The wings have the perfect amount of sauce on them. Even the ranch dipping is vegan. And for those of you who still consume meat… Just know, these wings taste exactly like chicken.

I let Maria try the tiniest piece of my Buffalo wings and her eyes bulged at first taste. I remember all she could say was, “Dang. Like, Dang.” She immediately regretted her meal choice. We still can’t stop talking about the wings. We even went back to Veggie Grill the following night.

3. Vegan cuisine employees love you.

 We arrived at Veggie Grill 20 minutes before they closed. I hate arriving places late. I also realize that most employees are ready to go when it is near closing time.

At a typical restaurant I am usually approached with, “Please make your final orders, because the kitchen is closing in 10 minutes.”

At Veggie Grill it was the opposite, the employees seemed happy to see us. One of the servers even gave out free hugs. Hugs and food, what more could you need?

4. You are healing the world by eating the world.

Now of course you are not actually eating the entire world, but a majority of the meals served at vegan restaurants are plant-based. My Buffalo wings at Veggie Grill even came with celery.

The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, a federal panel of appointed nutritionists, reported in 2015 that a diet high in plant-based foods is healthier for the human body and better for the environment. Compared to a diet rich in vegetables, nuts, legumes, fruits and other plant-based foods, the average U.S. diet has a larger impact on the environment. This includes:

  • Increased greenhouse gas emissions
  • Increased land use
  • Increased water use
  • Increased energy use

This is only the beginning, Mercy for Animals says to produce one pound of animal protein versus one pound of soy protein, it takes about 12 times as much land, 13 times as much fossil fuel and 15 times as much water.

So, have no fear, your chance to make a difference and satisfy your hunger is here! Try a vegan restaurant today.


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      • Right now I don’t eat red meat. I eat chicken occasionally and I still eat fish. I try to eat a lot of veggies and fruits. I’m all about helping the environment. It’s sad how much we waste while raising livestock. I will definitely be happy once I completely go vegan 😀


      • It’s a process, you’ll get there! And yes, the more research you do, the better you understand the wide ranging impacts of animal agriculture.


      • Yes, I plan to keep looking into it and start making that transition! Luckily, my cousin went vegan so she’s going to coach me on how to make the change. I love your blog btw

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